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Understanding Today’s Microsoft SharePoint Platform: 3 Things to Know

Microsoft SharePoint can help you to easily find certain information that is in your company files. It can also help you share your documents with your clients and customers or your suppliers in a secure environment without the need to give to them your intranet access. Microsoft SharePoint is also designed to help team leaders keep up with their teams by keeping track of each person’s tasks even when the teams are working from different locations. The whole process is made extremely easy and painless using SharePoint.

Today, there are companies that can provide your business with customized SharePoint services, helping you to achieve more using this Microsoft product. A good example of these services offering to customize sharepoint is Entrance SharePoint Customization services by Entrance Consulting. Many enterprises have realized the many benefits of SharePoint in streamlining business operations. It is one of today’s most trusted applications from Microsoft Corporation.

While Microsoft SharePoint is extremely helpful to business enterprises, it is important to know how exactly it can help your business. When you understand how it can strengthen your IT as well as your entire business, you would be in a better position to utilize every one of its features. Here are three things you ought to know about SharePoint.

SharePoint has become extremely popular

Microsoft says that SharePoint is one of its fastest growing applications since the company was found. It has been recording billions in profits for the company as more businesses embrace it for their daily operations. According to a report published by Gartner, SharePoint is presently the number one document and collaboration tool/platform in terms of number of users. Microsoft has overtaken IBM and Oracle in this space for enterprise users. This means that when you use SharePoint, you are using the most popular and most trusted platform for enterprise collaboration and document sharing in the world.

You can scale up SharePoint solutions

One advantage of using SharePoint is the possibility of scaling up as your needs increase. This collaborative solution from Microsoft allows for management and sharing of project-specific files and documents. It also makes it possible to create sites where teams can interact. These popular features of SharePoint can be scaled up from a simple resource for a small department to a full-fledged resource for the entire company.

SharePoint gives you full control

One great feature of SharePoint is its structure that ensures every solution that is used within your business network is vetted and tested first by the people you have put in charge. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that someone within your organization has introduced a solution that has not undergone extensive testing. The IT experts you have hired will not have to deal with the problems that arise when such untested solutions find their way into the system.

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