Rising Trend of Private Jet Travel

When it comes to hiring a private jet, there is much more to it besides the plane itself. With each flight charter company adding their own values, offers, and luxury, choosing the charter airlines Toronto can be quite confusing.

Though the common factors such as the size of the aircraft, distance to destination, type of jet, and associated fees, are all still there, that is simply the surface of the whole deal.

With so many private charter companies competing to stand out, there is almost to limit to the variations in their offerings. From getting a chance to meet pro athletes and celebrities, access to VIP suites, to discounts at luxury hotels, fashion designers, and even jewelry.

The perks and added values are only limited by their creativity, reaching to even thousands of dollars in value. Then again, not all jets are created equally, and each comes with its own set of added bonuses. Thus, the next time you are planning to charter flight from Toronto, here are a few trends to look out for that can help you compare option beyond just the jet.


Many Jet charter services are stepping up their tech game, and joining in the digital era with their own apps to make flight booking easier. Much like Uber, these apps are designed to make it seamless to secure a flight, being an upgrade from booking via phone calls. On top of that, apps are also a great approach for widespread media reach for charter companies. Those who are always on the go, and need the fastest solution in private jet booking, apps are the answer. Though it might not be a very critical factor in choosing the best service provider, but it does add great value to those value speed. Over the years, this trend is expected to grow as businesses and individuals become more and more integrated with technology.

Long-Range Flying are Cheaper

Private air charters have generally worked on hourly rates. But recent shifts in the market are bringing about new business models and pricing strategies for jet businesses, focusing especially on long distance flights. Many offer monthly membership models or fractional ownership options and is generally cheaper in comparison to shorter routes. Along with that, empty leg flights also make it easy to find affordable flights. Along with all these, private jet travelers are not hassled with security lines and get priority on immigration. Though it is hard to pin exactly how much time and productivity that saves, but in the long run, it is very efficient.

Offers From Partners

With high competition and rising demands, offering just a good jet service isn’t enough. Nowadays, companies are providing some amazing offers and loyalty programs, and most of these are established with jet businesses making partnerships with third parties. The range is almost infinite, from travel discounts, luxury hotel deals, VIP accesses, discount on luxury shopping and more. The more luxurious the offer, the better the chances of standing out from the crowd. Every jet charter service provider is competing to provide customers offers beyond expectations.

These are just some of the trends that are worth considering when making your pick. But along with these, there are a lot more to take into account. As technology and business models develop, and the demand is ever growing, there will always be something new in the luxury jet travel industry.

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