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Common Problems during Office 365 Deployment

You might think that deploying your emails to Microsoft Office 365 is easy and straightforward. And maybe it should; but is not. If you call an Office 365 consulting specialists who are not as conversant with the process as they claim, you may end up with a failing system that drastically reduces efficiency in your company. A website like by Panthera Technologies helps companies avoid so-called experts who disappoint their clients with Office 365 migrations that scream mediocrity.

Your best chance at a smooth transition has a lot to do with the competence of the Office 365 consulting specialists who help you through this process. Therefore, you should hire a firm that has enough experience to have encountered most of the problems associated with these migrations.

The experience the firm must have acquired along the way will be very key in ensuring that you get successfully deploy Office 365. Here are a number of problems that any experienced Office 365 consulting expert must have come across at some point.

Stability and corruption of existing on-premise (Exchange) environment

A competent Office 365 expert will deal with these issues or choose to create the transition process with them in mind making sure the issues do not get transferred to the new working environment.

Downtime is a no-go zone

There are companies with no downtime policy as far as the company email system is concerned. This is a big challenge during a Microsoft Office 365 deployment, but with enough planning and effort, it is possible to keep an organization’s email system uninterrupted during such a migration.

Slow network connections

If you happen to start your deployment of Office 365 during a period of a slow network connection, the frustrations of the slow speeds can be overwhelming. Slow network connections slow the rate of uploading emails from Exchange to Office 365. All the same, a competent Office 365 consulting firm should know a number of ways to work around this, including staging mail content migration.

Extreme security protocols

Some companies have very extreme security protocols that can make the process of migrating to Office 365 a nightmare to wannabe Office 365 consulting firms. It is not uncommon to find some security protocols extending a 1 or 2 hour process into 3-days work.

And given that security protocols cannot be bypassed in order to migrate, it is up to the firm you have hired to be resourceful and creative enough to know how to circumvent these protocols without compromising the security of that company or taking over a week to do tasks that should have not lasted more than a few hours.

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