The Benefits of Ruby on Rails Over PHP, Node.js and Angular

In the circles of web developers, Ruby on Rails has been a hot topic for some time now. With many clients preferring Ruby on Rails to PHP, Node.js and Angular, many web developers have complained and struggled to make the switch.

Some see Ruby on Rails as a stratagem of sorts with no real programming properties that languages like PHP have. Yet, this shift to Ruby on Rails is legitimately popular, and if the last few years are any indicator, its popularity will only grow. So, what are the benefits of Ruby on Rails over other programming languages? Here are a few:

Easy tools for automated testing

With Ruby on Rails, developers can use integrated testing that allows them to test the code along the way throughout the coding process. Instead of using external plugins to test your coding, Rails’ integrated testing does the task excellently saving you a lot of effort and time.

As a result, you can create bug-free and robust applications that accomplish their intended purpose. Additionally, this approach reduces the costs you would incur if you were to do code quality control tests separately.

That said, Ruby on Rails does allow third party tools for testing if you are one of those web developers who would still want to do that. Once you have completed the coding process, it is possible to use third party testing tools to test the code as well as the robust nature of the application’s specifications.

Swift development with less coding

There are a number of ruby principles that make the programming process swift and shorten the lines of code needed to create a fully functional application. Some of these principles are Web Development That Doesn’t Hurt, Convention Over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself. They make the Ruby on Rails programming environment very different from what you find when working with PHP, Angular or Node.js.

Ruby on Rails’ built-in programming environment is a welcome addition to the coding process of application development. While the process of learning Ruby is not a walk in the park, you will appreciate just how easy web development becomes once you become conversant with it. Moreover, ruby will save you from chaotic and baffling coding once you understand most of its principles.

Ruby on Rails’ expressiveness

There’s something magical about undertaking web development in an English like programming language. Few programming languages and platforms come close to the English language as Rails does. Rails uses internal DSL to extend Ruby using its own semantics. Because the creation of a DSL is in essence developing a new language, it is seen as a dangerous approach to web development.

Yet, an understanding of the best circumstances to use DSL and the moments it should never be used is what makes Rails a favorite in web development. This kind of self-control plus the smart naming nature of DSL makes it easy for people starting out in programming to quickly learn the typically complex web development process.

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