About Us

We have been in the business of providing very good reading content for our tech eager audience for more than ten years now, and having started at the most basic of provisions, we have seen a lot of developments that enable our work in the most pleasant of means. When we started, out of our founders’ dormitory – we had the least of tools and skills that would be required to stay active, but regardless of all that, we were able to soldier on with research and perfecting our work for our readers.

More than ten short years later, we have stayed with the first readers to subscribe on our platform and find ourselves growing with every new post we publish. More than 12 thousand readers have our website bookmarked for daily reading, and actually attend to all our writing with great feedback. Our senior writers have been known to write insightful content that our readers love and know to expect from time to time. This is not an exceptional talent that will be found with our seasoned writers only, even the newest of our content creation teams have written the most read articles that have been called up for special mention with journalist boards.